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Nope, this time it isn’t Ray Rice. There’s supposedly a new “tape” in town….and it’s explosive (at least that’s what ‘s being alleged). Get the latest on the Dez Bryant tape speculations inside…

Dez…..what happened?

If you’re a football fan, you know that there’s huge scandal brewing around Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. While most scandals stem from rumor and speculation, the Dez Bryant saga is interesting because of the whole “If….when” aspect. Here’s what we can decipher: There might be a tape of Dez Bryant. And on said probable tape, he MAY be doing something “5 times worse than Ray Rice.” If there is a tape…when will it drop?

News of an alleged tape of Dez Bryant ALLEGEDLY doing something burnt up the net when well-respected ESPN sports reporter Adam Schefter revealed that he’s been working on something for months. But he can’t talk about it.

“Well listen, whatever we’ve been working on is not ready and maybe it never will be. Who knows? You’ve got to be very careful on these things. People can talk about videos, they can talk about this they can talk about that. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t mean anything and it’s really not fair to him right now until you have all your facts in line. Which we spent a long time trying to do.”

For those wondering why a tape would be surfacing now, one NFL insider links it to Dez switching agencies. Allegedly, Dez’s former agency paid off a blackmailer to keep “the tape” out of the public eye. Oops…..nobody told that to Dez’s new representation over at Roc Nation. Once the checks stopped for whoever was being paid to keep quiet….rumors of a tape began to surface.

Again….no one has seen the video. No one can confirm what’s on it. And we’re a bit baffled on how one can confirm a video even exists if it has never been seen.

Now that Dez’s contract is up for negotiation….folks are talking even more. Many are pissed that the Cowboys organization is so gung-ho about putting a franchise tag on him, despite his off-field behavior. In 2011 alone, he had 6 incidents of police being called to his home in Desoto, TX. No arrests took place.

But, this new alleged video in question is supposedly the newest incident to be discovered from 2011. According to

A report filed by the Lancaster (Texas) Police Department described the response by an officer to “an unknown disturbance” in a Walmart parking lot during the early morning of July 11. Vehicles registered to Bryant were at the scene in the parking lot, and Bryant later arrived in another car, when he was spoken to by a Lancaster PD officer. Upon further investigation, “it was determined that there was no offense” and “all parties were advised they were free to go.”

Over on Dez’s Twitter timeline, he wrote this cryptic statement this week:

“Just quit with the b.s. … It’s clear as day what’s going on… I might need to do a exclusive interview about my life these past 5 years since the world is destined to know. “I use to let people take advantage of my life now that I’m no longer allowing that to happen it seems to be a problem… I’m not ashamed of none of my past incidents because that’s what made me who I am today.”

Something happened….we just don’t know what it was. But if/when Dez is ready to do that “exclusive” interview, we’ll be twiddling our thumbs waiting…


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