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August Alsina went to promote “peace” at a concert in St. Louis but wound up in a brawl of his own!  Watch the tape inside…

“I Luv This Sh*t” singer August Alsina was involved in a backstage brawl on Saturday and it was all caught on tape!

Here’s what went down….August was set to hit the stage at Chaifetz Area for the State Of Emergency 2 concert. The event itself was set up to benefit the St. Louis Put Down the Pistol program (an anti-gun initiative). But backstage… was NOT anti-violent.

Spies report that August and his crew got into it backstage with the show’s promoter, Loose Cannon Slim, because August allegedly showed up late.

In the clip, you’ll see words exchanged and then there’s shoving, pushing and a few punches thrown. It doesn’t look like any punches connected with August, as his security team did their best to keep him out of trouble.

But August tried it…’ll see him attempting to jump into the brawl.  And Fabolous was there too…..holding a cocktail…NOT fighting.

Watch the fight clip here:

Well….at least no guns were involved.  Watch additional fight footage (and see Fabolous) here.



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Before the concert, the promoter Loose Cannon Slim took Fabolous and a few others to the site of Michael Brown’s death. Obviously, August was not in the photo because he was late. Allegedly. Loose Cannon Slim tweeted, “Yesterday b4 the #StateOfEmergency2 concert me, @headlinerworld @myfabolouslife @streetfamkev @philthemayor meet in #Ferguson w/ #MikeBrownSr”


Photos via August Alsina Instagram/LooseCannon S.L.I.M. Instagram


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