NBA player Carmelo Anthony once nearly robbed of $20 at gunpoint at 14 years old.


At least that’s what he told ESPN the Magazine in a revealing interview, in which he vividly details his love of money. The whole interview is pretty interesting and worth your time, though basketball rarely enters the conversation. Sorry, Knicks fans.

In any case, the story about refusing to give up $20 while staring down the barrel of a gun is very…weird.

“Anthony had always been passionate about money — not just the cash itself but the luxuries it afforded him and the ways in which it signified success. He’d grown up with none of it, first in a housing project in Brooklyn and later in Baltimore, where his mother worked as a housekeeper and received food stamps. As a 14-year-old, he was held up at gunpoint for $20 and decided he would take his chances and run rather than hand over the cash.”

Apparently, no one ever told Anthony that. Or they did, and he just didn’t listen. In any case, he really loves his money, and after reading this interview, his decision to stay in New York for $100 million over possibly winning a championship elsewhere will make total sense.

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