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We certainly saw this one coming. Azealia Banks and K. Michelle are throwing shade at on another on Twitter, a week after K cancelled their joint tour. Peep their catty exchange inside….

We knew it was only a matter of time before these two started going at it. We saw it coming from the minute the tour as announced.

Last week, R&B songstress K. Michelle released a statement announcing that she had to cancel her joint tour with Harlem rap star Azealia Banks.

The ladies were set to rock out on a 20-date tour across North America. But, K pulled the plug on the upcoming shows before it was able to kick off this fall (Sept. 15th). Her reasoning? She didn’t want to over exert herself. Hmmm…

K assured everyone there was NO beef between them and said they would join forces on a new track in the future. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

NOW…the unicorn and the mermaid are throwing shade at each other on Twitter over the cancelled project.

It started a few days ago when K tweeted a subliminal message about thankfully dodging a bullet. She tweeted:

K then tweeted a more personal jab. Although she didn’t say Azealia’s name, it’s pretty clear who she was referring to. She said:

Bloop! That tweet could have been in response to Azealia announcing she will still hit the road this fall and try to keep some of the dates in order.

Well, we all know the Broke With Expensive Taste raptress wasn’t going to let the Anbody Wanna Buy A Heart singer fire shots without her responding. So she did. And went in. Peep her tweets below (which she has since deleted):

Yikes! Azealia and her Twitter fingers are lethal. But, K decided to try and take the high road after Azealia’s response. She tweeted:

Then she tweeted about black women needing to join forces and uplift one another rather than tear each other down. We would definitely agree. She said:

True. Buuuuut…you kind of started this one K. The “Ice Princess” then tweeted a response to K’s “let’s lift each other up” comment. She popped back tweeting:

Sighs…It doesn’t look like we’re going to get that K. Michelle and Azealia Banks track afterall.

Photos: Azealia’s IG/K’s IG/Screenshots via VLAD

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