JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville International Airport is not where Anne Erce expected to be Easter Sunday arrives.

“We got on the plane and it was a little warm and the flight attendant said, ‘Oh, the air conditioner isn’t working because the pilot isn’t here,’” Erce said.

Erce was scheduled on a Spirit Airlines flight to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at around 3 p.m Saturday with more than 160 other passengers.

“We were on the plane for about a half-hour and they couldn’t find the pilot or the copilot and she said we’re going to have to get off the plane,” Erce said.

She explained employees then said the flight was canceled because of weather – storms had timed-out the crew from being able to fly. She expected an alternate flight, but that too fell through.

“Ten minutes later, she said, ‘Nope, the midnight flight has been canceled as well,’” Erce said.

She said the next alternative – a Spirit flight out of Jacksonville on Tuesday.

First Coast News reached out to Spirit Airlines’ media hotline and sent an email, but did not immediately hear back. A search of the airline’s website produced its contract of carriage. On page 39 – Spirit says it won’t assume expenses for canceled flights and any amenities Spirit provides will be as a “courtesy” according to the document.

It’s another inconvenience Erce says she’ll have to navigate.

“I’ll have to find another hotel, an Uber to the hotel, another flight — which is going to be more than $500 — and basically have to start all over again,” she said.

Erce said the airline offered to refund $138 of her trip, which she says would not come close to covering her expenses and now last-minute flight home. She explained she will be looking at different carriers and hopes to find a flight for Sunday.


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