The more recent 2015 disclosure from the foundation has not yet been reviewed by Charity Navigator.

Total assets increased to $455 million, while total liabilities went down to $49.5 million. Total expenses increased to $264 million.

Total contributions declined from $217.8 million to $182.5 million. Total revenue declined from $338 million to $299 million.

Potential donors with second thoughts about contributing to this or any other charity can do their own due diligence and determine whether the money they donate will go where it’s supposed to go. Charity Navigator recommends examining an organization’s Form 990, which it’s required to file annually with the IRS and which should be readily available on a nonprofit’s website.

This document provides information about a charity’s financial health, its commitment to accountability and transparency and the results that it gets. If it gets high marks on those three scores, then contributions will not be for naught, so those considering making a donation to any charity should consult this information to tell if their donations will go to their intended purpose or get lost in the downward spiral of a failing foundation.

It remains to be seen whether or not Hillary Clinton’s election loss has tarnished her family’s brand and, if so, what this means for the future of the foundation. No. 2 in expenses for the foundation after the Global Health Initiative was the Clinton Global Initiative, at more than $23 million, followed by the Clinton Presidential Center ($12 million) and Clinton Climate Initiative ($8 million), according to Charity Navigator. The charity watchdog states that Clinton Foundation program expenses have grown at a rate of 17 percent.

Ending the Clinton Global Initiative means that $23 million is presumably freed up for other programs. However, an official at Charity Navigator said the flip side is less revenue coming in, as CGI is a major fundraising opportunity.

Whether the election outcome has an effect or not, there is one overriding, inevitable reality that will determine the Clintons’ involvement in the charity’s future.

“Let’s be honest; they’re aging,” Kelley said. “They’re grandparents now, and they’ll probably want to focus their efforts.”

By Dan Bukszpan, special to


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