#Roommates, you may remember back in 2015 Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a multi-vehicle crash that took the life of one person. According to reports, Jenner rear-ended a Lexus, which caused it to swerve into oncoming traffic. The Lexus then hit a man named Peter Wolf-Millesi, who was driving a Hummer with his family inside. The woman driving the Lexus lost her life that night, and now Jenner has to pay off the Wolf-Millesi family.

According to The Blast, the “I Am Cait” star has to dish out $800,000 to all five members of the family involved in the crash. Peter Wolf-Millesi and his wife will receive $100,000 each and the couple’s two children will receive $50,000 each. Lea’s 73-year-old mother — who was also in the car at the time and suffered a fractured neck — will receive a $500,000 payout.

According to sources, the insurance company will pitch in on part of the settlement, and Jenner will also cover $250,000 in attorneys fees.

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