I guess the younger generation of babies mama’s are stepping up their game. It started off with Lil Wayne and his tribe of women. They all get along and are living happy with their blended families. Well, Ciara who is supposedly preggers by rapper Future has been spotted in a few pics with Future’s baby mama’s. They even tweeted the pics and a few messages behind it. I think it’s great that they can get along because, at the end of the day it’s for the children’s best interest anyway. I’m happy that they could put their own issues to the side and become cordial because, each one will in some way shape, form or fashion will have to be involved with his children. #GrownWomen

Peep the pics…..

Ciara tweeted:

“#MyFamily. @indiajai. @tia_treon. @thebrittni. #Honest #Love” And Brittni tweeted, “#familyaffair #honest @ciara.”

Ciara-Brittni-Future BM

Ciara-Future BMs

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