The Reggae legend Bunny ‘Wailer’ Livingston is threatening a lawsuit on Snoop Lion better known as Snoop Dogg.  The Rastafarian community is more angry at the veteran hip hop star for what they view as exploiting their very serious beliefs. After watching Snoop’s Reincarnated documentary, reggae icon Bunny “Wailer” Livingston voiced his criticism of Snoop.


Leaders of the “Rastafari Millennium Council” were also mad about the documentary and sent the rapper a 7-page demand letter. Inside, the leaders explain to Snoop that “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!”

The group is asking Snoop to drop the name “Lion, provide pay up the “financial and moral support” they believe he committed, and issue a public apology. If Snoop refuses, they plan on suing him.


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