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What do you want? What do I want? That’s what Lasse Larsen did – we were able to catch up with model/business man Lasse Larsen recently and he says there is a point in your life when you must implement change, growth, and awareness. The key to gaining all is asking yourself questions – tough questions that your body has already told you the answers to naturally, but you may have ignored. You must ask these questions, and then begin to be truthful with yourself. ENJOY!


Modeling seems to be a job you enjoy doing. What else are you passionate about that you also enjoy doing besides modeling and TV?


While working as a model, I really became passionate about health in all its aspects, primarily I think because even though I worked in an industry that looked like it would be the healthiest at first look, it was rather sick in a sense. I noticed how mentally, physically and emotionally this industry impacted most people in it, including myself, in a negative way, and how as I gained awareness around what made us sick, also found that which contributes to making us well. After years of studying the social behavior, and the connection between mind, body and spirit, it became my passion to share this discovery with as many people as possible in any type of forum, like my Facebook, twitter and blog.


How has Modeling and TV shaped or influenced your life and choices and please tell us some of the most fun and most challenging modeling and TV experiences you have had?


I have had a pretty easy career for the most part, I think mainly due to the fact that it never really went to my head, thanks to my roots and being from a very practical family. I think one of the most fun experiences was my recent trip to China, I got to spend time on the Great wall, the Forbidden city and other places. But in general I’d say that most trips like that have been a great learning experience and fun for the most part.




So, most folks know you for being on What Chilli Wants – Do you still talk to her? What type of women are you drawn to? Be honest, did you get on the show for publicity or do you think true love can occur on a TV show like that? How has your life changed since the show – pros and cons?


It was a great experience, one that taught me many things, and while being quite surreal, it allowed for this new platform from which I can share my love for a healthy lifestyle. Sadly we are not in touch any longer and I have nothing but love for her. But, I do think true love can happen anywhere any time if one is open to it, even though her and I did not continue our relating for various reasons, I think there was real love happening on the show both on and off camera. Life puts you in situations for you to see yourself, and experience life whether it be public for the world to see or private its just another beautiful moment to be experienced.




We all know Chilli did not get what she wanted. What do you think of Chilli and can you tell us something about your experience with her that we did not get a chance to see on VH1


I don’t know if she got what she wanted, sometimes we don’t really know what we want until we or our beliefs are truly challenged. I think she came up against real challenge on the show, and who knows what was happening underneath that cute exterior of hers, just as I was learning, I’m more than certain she was going through her own changes. My life has definitely become more public than it was before, and brought with it great opportunities, but I’m still me, the same as people watched on the show, enjoying the simple things in life.



I know you actively promote living a healthy Vegan lifestyle- what are the principles that you live by to do this? What advice would you give our readers in regard to maintaining a healthy lifestyle these days? A lot of people do not want to go vegan- those who don’t, what are some helpful tips for them?


I think the main principle, (if I can call it that) is to be aware, to watch and observe everything that happens in life. I think the most important thing one can do is to examine ones beliefs in depth and find if they are truly personal or they are false or borrowed.

i) Finding who you are in essence, is the most beautiful thing there is, and it gives you such freedom to just be you.

ii) Letting go of beliefs that aren’t yours releases resistance and allows you to be free to be as you are, and make choices freely, rather than from obligation or “shoulding”.

iii) Living healthy in my opinion, means living free. I guess an example is warranted.

iv) Food has been quite an obsession in society for quite a while, and especially the topic of weightless is making a lot of people feel bad about themselves and feeling they “should” change. This is not freedom in my opinion.

v ) Food is not meant to take up such a big part of one’s life, and definitely not to be obsessed about or focused on. Having time and energy to focus on food to such a degree is quite a luxury when we compare to other places in the world where food is scarce, and people work all day just to barely have enough to eat.

vi) Food to me is just another basic function like breathing, and the body when allowed to be, knows when to feed, and what to eat.

vii) Obsession is just a mental habit, and can be changed, or let go of. When we become more actively involved in understanding our mental habits and become watchful of our destructive habits, moments arise where we get awareness and clarity of what lies beneath these habits, and we are given a chance to dissolve them.

It is amazing to see that once we start on one area of our lives, other areas start to clear up as well. That is what I enjoy doing, to help people find that peace and balance as they joggle many different aspects of life.


It seems you do have some very interesting projects coming for your fans, what can we look forward to from you in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Books, TV, film, what are you currently working on and how do you think it can help your readers and followers?


I’m working on various projects that involve both TV and live appearances, where I’ll help people get to the core of what holds them stuck in their lives, be it emotional, physical or mental. I am also coaching people on a one-on-one basis, and developing community and web group programs.


How can we find and follow you?


I’m Everywhere 😉

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“I will never say that I know it all…but I will say it so good, that you’ll believe it anyway.”

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