The Fr3shmen

Gumbumber had the pleasure of  interviewing  the up and coming producers “The Fr3shmen” who hail from the Midwest and the South. The Fr3shmen are  a group of four men that are musically inclined and extremely talented . The Fr3shmen sound can range from Rap, Pop, Hip Hop to  R&B and their repertoire includes artists such as JeremihCassieTwista and Travis Porter to name a few.  They took time from their busy schedule to give our readers insight of who they are.  The Fr3shmen will be a household name and you can say that you first heard of them on here: GumBumper.


Gumbumper:    Who are “The Fr3shmen” and how did you all get started as producers?

The Fr3shmen:   We are  Chicago/Alabama natives that love music and aim to create a place in history. We started as producers seriously because we used to rap and people kept trying to give us whack beats so we made them ourselves.

Gumbumper:   Tell us who does what in your camp?

The Fr3shmen:   Well we work like an assembly line. MAC – Is like a chameleon… can do it all, usually one of the starting points, BYRD – all around, another starting point, ERIC – keyboard genius and JAY-EL – engineer and usually the last to get the record… adds the Lawry’s (extra seasoning)

 The Fr3shmen men

Gumbumper:    There are some great talent in Chicago and I hear you guys originated from there, what made you relocate?

The Fr3shmen:   There is a lot of talent in Chicago, great artist, producers and great music.. but there is NO industry there.. the business isn’t there and if you want to make it you have to go where the business is.

Gumbumper:    How is Atlanta different from Chicago?

The Fr3shmen:   Atlanta is different because there’s more opportunities. You can be in a studio here and ANYONE can walk in.. we’ve seen it happen lol

Gumbumper:    What are the creative process and where you all get inspiration?

The Fr3shmen:   The creative process is different lol you have to see it. We’ll all be sitting in a room one person may start with a sound or some drums and it just goes from there but the actual process is something to see… maybe we’ll upstream that lol. Inspiration comes from ANYWHERE… a drip of water can spark a great record. We listen for it anywhere….

Gumbumper:    A lot of producers and artist have rituals and in-studio etiquette would you say you guys have something that you do that’s a ritual?

The Fr3shmen:   I can’t say we have any rituals… mainly have fun… it’s a lot of jokes in our sessions

Gumbumper:    Every producer has their own style and The Fr3shmen consist of four producers , how do you all compromise on what sounds best and what ideas may or may not work?

The Fr3shmen:   That’s the beauty of it being 4 of us. Sometime you need another set of ears, by us all having 4 styles being able to fuse those into 1 gives a product that isn’t normal to find. We compromise by trying everything all 4 ways to see what sounds better, it usually works with no arguments…. USUALLY lol

Gumbumper:    There are many producers that are known for their style of music, How would “The Fr3shmen” sound be categorized?
The Fr3shmen:   Any and everything… literally lol…. theres a tshirt that reads “theres so much more going on outside this box”… thats us!!!


Gumbumper:    Please share with us the people that you have worked with would like to work with?

The Fr3shmen:   We  worked with: Twista, Mikey Rocks, Fred Da Godson, Murphy Lee, Raekwon, Travis Porter, Jeremih, Cassie, Fab…. Who we would like to work with: Andre 3k, Kanye, Miguel, Miley Cyrus, Lupe, 2 Chainz and just EVERYBODY!!!! We are open to work with everyone.

Gumbumper:    In reference to the previous questions, I know that you guys produced a track on Cassie mixtape “RockA Bye Baby”. What is the feedback that you received for that track?

The Fr3shmen:   The feedback on that track was amazing… People really love the record… We’ve even heard got word that it’s Diddy’s favorite record on the tape.

Gumbumper:    What struggles do you all face as a team of producers?

The Fr3shmen:   The main struggle we face is getting in that door… music is like high school… until one of the cool kids or the seniors vouch for you everyone is skeptical of hanging with you…..

Gumbumper:    Being in the music industry, you have to be well verse on talent and business. How do you guys determine who gets what percentage on songs that you produce?
The Fr3shmen:   We remember speaking with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and they said no matter what.. they ALWAYS split it evenly. So we always split everything between us the same!

 Gumbumper:    Is it hard working with a team of producers?
The Fr3shmen:   Naaaaaaah it’s actually pretty damn fun (we can say damn right? lol)

 Gumbumper:    What advice would you give other producers and writers trying to get in the game?
The Fr3shmen:   Do YOUR music!!!! At that end of the day people want a genuine sound… we all have to compromise somewhere but make sure you do what’s YOUR music. Also… NEVER give up, especially after someone says no to you… so many people have told us no… but Diddy said yes lol

 Gumbumper:    Where do The Fr3shmen see themselves in the next 5 years?
The Fr3shmen:   Somewhere making some of the dopest music we can and scoring movies


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