A man who intervened in a traffic crash in the South Chicago neighborhood fired shots at a crowd of people early Thursday, hitting the windshield of a Chicago firetruck responding to the crash, authorities said. 

One of the three firefighters in the truck said he suffered a cut to his nose, apparently from flying glass.

The two-car crash happened in the 7900 block of South Yates Avenue just before 2:25 a.m., police said. One of the people involved in the crash called the man to the scene and an argument ensued. 

As firefighters in Engine 126 pulled up, the man retreated to a light blue Ford Marauder he parked at a Subway shop and grabbed a handgun, according to preliminary information from law enforcement.

The man fired from the edge of the parking lot, according to witnesses. A shell casing could be seen on the ground near his car.

Two firefighters had gotten out of the truck and three were inside when he started shooting, said one of the firefighters. 

One firefighter said he heard three shots, one of them piercing the truck windshield. He appeared dazed as he stood inside the crime scene tape, hands on his hips, staring straight ahead. 

A firefighter with a bandage covering his nose said flying glass had cut his face. He said he was thankful the situation wasn’t worse.

Another sighed, saying this was the second time in his 12-year career that someone fired shots at him while on the job.

Officers arrested a suspect and recovered a weapon, authorities said.

As police investigated, a woman involved in the crash continued to argue about who’s fault it was. 

“You ran the red light, why are you lying?” one woman yelled.

Family members of another woman came to the scene and said their relative was the victim. 

“They were already fighting, why did they have to go get a gun?” the woman said.

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