Well it’s about damn time…..Brian McKee apologizes to Andrea Kelly!!


Rumor has it that Drea, is possibly divorcing her soon-to be husband Brain, but has another story, so check what he told S2S:

“We’re working things out, at least my desire is to work things out and pull things together and just try to rebuild if at all possible,” Brian told Sister 2 Sister. “I love my wife and this has been a trying time.”

Brian reportedly married Drea in March. The current season of “Hollywood Exes” premiered in May and not long after, Drea received messages accusing her husband of being involved with other women and asking them for financial support.

Brian did not admit to any infidelity, but he apologized for hurting his wife and said he’s learned a lot from the situation.

“I apologize for any wrongdoing that was done in this matter,” he said. “I’m deeply sorry for any embarrassment that I’ve caused her, any hurt that I’ve caused her and any individuals included in this matter. I just really want to own up to it and move forward at this point…Just hurting my wife, period, is what I’m owning up to.”

Brian, who said he’s been hurt by the whole situation, did not go into detail about his interactions with the women who contacted Andrea about him, but he admitted that he did know them and took responsibility for the pain seemingly caused by those relationships.

“There are two sides to every story…Whether there were some things that were said that were true or not true or a stretch of the truth, it still was my fault, regardless,” said Brian who thinks reality TV played a part in his current marital problems.



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