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Indiana Pacers Forward Chris Copeland — and his wife — were stabbed outside of 1 Oak nightclub in NYC. The shocking deets inside…

News broke this AM that former NY Knick turned Indiana Pacer Chris Copeland was attacked around 4AM this morning while leaving the popular 1 Oak nightclub at W. 17th St. in Chelsea.

The NY Daily News reports an argument went down as club patrons left the closing club, and it resulted in a man stabbing 31-year-old Chris Copeland in the stomach. Chris’ 28-year-old-wife, Katrine Saltara (pictured above with Chris), was slashed by the attacker in her leg and arm.

A 53-year-old woman named Catherine Somani was also stabbed in the stomach.

Reports state that Chris and Katrine were rushed to Bellevue Hospital and are in stable condition. Catherine was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital.

Chris played for the Knicks from 2010-2013 and New York City is the hometown of his wife. So the two are likely quite familiar with the club scene, but the unexpected attack is frightening.

In conjunction with the attack, Atlanta Hawks players Pero Antić and Thabo Sefolosha were arrested and booked for obstruction. According to police, the duo “refused to move when police tried to set up a crime scene.”

The attacker has been identified as 22-year-old Sezoy Bleary and was arrested on the scene. Here’s the bizarre part, the Daily News states:

A police source said that Somani (the second woman who was stabbed) is a friend of Bleary’s and was with him when the argument broke out. It is believed that she was slashed by accident, the sources said. “She was with him, and in the course of what he was doing, (he) slashed her in the abdomen,” the source said.

The Knicks are set to tip off against the Knicks tonight at Madison Square Garden It’s unclear if Chris will suit up. The Hawks are also in town to tip off against the Brooklyn Nets tonight.

Photos: @DrayClarkABC7/Chris’ IG

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