Well here we go again, does it ever stop???  A neighbor who lives on the same block as one of Eddie Long’s secret love shacks. Nosey neighbor reveals just how often Bishop Long visited the house where he’d installed his alleged teenage lover Anthony Flagg.

Much of the legal case against Bishop Eddie Long is rooted in activity that allegedly occurred in a modest South DeKalb neighborhood — two doors down from where Leon Wright lives.

“Sometimes they were here for hours,” Wright said of Bishop Long and his neighbor of two years, Anthony Flagg.

Flagg is one of four young men who have sued the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The suit alleges that Bishop Long enticed Flagg into sexual activity in an unassuming tract home on a South DeKalb cul-de-sac.

The frequency of Bishop Long’s visits were “like a mail lady come to drop mail off,” Wright laughed. “It was every day, man.”

Wright says Bishop Long and Flagg were typically alone in the house when they were together. The suit says Andrew Momon owned the home. Momon is an official at New Birth. The house is now in foreclosure.

The suit says the pastor put the then-18 year old Flagg in the home with his mother’s permission, to ostensibly stabilize his life, with Bishop Long as his mentor and spiritual leader. But the suit alleges the Bishop victimized Flagg sexually.

Leon Wright says he saw no evidence of abuse when Flagg and Bishop Long spent time together. But Wright says he knew Flagg, saw them together frequently and believes the allegations against Bishop Long.

“I feel bad for what he’s going through,” said Wright. “But I believe it. I think it’s true.”


Source:11 Alive


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