R&B star Brandy was sensationally voted off ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night, becoming the 9th contestant to say goodbye.  Brandy was speechless when host Tom Bergeron  announced she would be leaving the show.

I don’t know how to feel right now,” she said. “It hasn’t processed yet for me.”
 The Internet has been abuzz in recent days about how Palin, who has consistently landed at the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard, has been able to remain on the show. Some have suggested that voters — particularly supporters of Sarah Palin — have been voting in blocs and manipulating the system.
Both Palins have denied any organized vote-getting tactics. Bristol Palin, 20, says voters support her despite lackluster performances “because I started with no experience in dancing or performing at all, and I’ve come a long way.”
What do you think??


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  1. It's all about Popularity on this show, not who can dance the best. I knew a sistah wouldn't never win. I hope Brandy doesn't take it to heart. You did DAMN good Brandy!

  2. Stop supporting these fake azz shows,, its about popularity and not talent! Clearly Brandy and Maks were the best dancers and not that stiff non dancing Bristol paliin.. i think its a damn shame how unfair that mess was!! never will i watch or supprt that crap again.. just like those unfair Grammys and all!

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