Country star Brad Paisley surprised a high school class in the suburb of Chicago on Friday with a concert and speech at their graduation ceremony.

The appearance came after the singer announced a contest in May asking students to tell them what they would miss most after graduating high school.

The students of Barrington made their video about all of the things they wanted a “last chance” to do before they left high school, including riding a mattress down the school stairs, driving the security pickup truck and pushing the dean into the pool. The video was set around Paisley’s song, “Last Time For Everything.”

Paisley made a shocking guest appearance at the commencement Friday at the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington. 

“That video that you guys made is amazing. I’m jealous,” he said to the graduates. “We had a VCR at my school — you don’t even know what that is. That was the extent of our video department.”

Paisley played “Letter to Me,” “Today,” and, of course, “Last Time For Everything.”

Published at 10:30 PM CDT on Jun 2, 2017 | Updated at 12:57 AM CDT on Jun 3, 2017


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