Bow Wow took to his Twitter account this morning to let it be known that the pictures floating around from MTO, are not pictures of his daughter, Shai Moss. He tweets, “Picture on mediatakeout aint my daughter… Some bloggers fucking suck at they job. Get accurate info for once. Stop feeding people bullshit. I dont need no blogs to tell my fans nuffn. Ill share my personal issues with my people when i feel comfortable. They will be 1st to know (sic)” The actual pictures stem from Bow Wow’s baby mama’s Twitter page, and belong to a friend of hers. She even tweeted that the child is not her, and was her friend’s baby. Welcome to fatherhood Bow Wow, I know it’s a hard journey, but glad to see you are embracing it. Bow Wow tweets messages to his daughter and visits her when he is not on the road. He tweets that leaving her is always the hardest part. Damn, I member when Bow Wow was just a little boy, now look he’s a father.

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