Mr. 106 & Park, Bow Wow covers Bleu Magazine September’s issue.


You have to see the Bleu Magazine’s 26th Issue featuring the rapper/actor, as the men’s lifestyle guide highlights new beginnings in their anniversary issue.

Here are a few quotes;

On rappers coping with internet fame:
I’ve seen some of those guys that get millions of views. They shy up because it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. This ain’t in front of the desktop uploading shit. This is the big leagues.”
On receiving advice from his mentors:
When Snoop talks, I listen, I might have the ego with everybody else, but when they talk, I’m always going to be the little homie.”
On his role of 106 and Park in the Industry today:
106 is definitely important because then nobody would be selling records. It’s cool to have 11,000,000 hits on You Tube, but sometimes out of that 11,000,000, it’s still a lot of people that never seen your shit.”
On his transition from fan to host:
I’m the guy that’s the ball of energy. I used to see things as a fan and say I wish they did this or that. It’d“be more fun.”

Hits Stands on October 30th.

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