We all know Boosie doesn’t hold his tongue #Roommates, so brace yourselves for this interesting tea! A video has surfaced of Boosie recalling a time he walked in on two dudes having sex in jail.

“I remember I was in Angola I walked down on a n-gga riding a n-gga d-ck from the back….. N-gga riding that d-ck,” the rapper said. “I said man I want to go home. I got to calling lawyers for all kinds of bonds. That sh-t f-cked my head up. Another n-gga riding a n-gga d-ck man. Taking that b-tch. I’m talking bout riding a n-gga d-ck…. F-cking the sh-t out that man in that b-tch. I was like this aint no place for no human being. When I saw that sh-t I was like these n-ggas sick man. You a nasty MF….. Nasty a-s n-gga. The same n-gga walking round that b-tch talking like you a gansta, you a punk.”

Sounds like Boosie is traumatized by the experience. Thoughts, #Roommates?

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