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In a shocking turn of events, Bobby Brown has revealed that his daughter Bobbi Kristina is not officially married to Nick Gordon. More Inside…

It seems like yesterday (or more like three years ago), Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon were happily posting photos of their “wedding” rings and professing their love all over social media.

From Instagram to Twitter, the twosome flaunted their relationship in the face of family and friends who were uncomfortable with the progression of their coupling. But a new bombshell dropped by BK’s father, Bobby Brown, (via his laweyer) reveals that is was all a sham (from a legal standpoint).

While we can’t dispute the nature of their relationship, Bobby Brown did confirm the two never “put it on paper.” In fact, Christopher Brown (the legal counsel for Bobby Brown) released a statement to PEOPLE saying, “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.” Also, Christopher added, we are “currently investigating the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina.”

Hmm…that may explain why we’ve only seen Nick “outside” of the hospital. He is not a part of the family (officially). And according to ABC News and “GMA”, all medical decisions for Bobbi Kris are being made by her father. He had Bobbi Kristina moved to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA which is considered one of the top facilities for neurological problems.

In a new statement released to PEOPLE on Tuesday, Bobby Brown spoke out once again saying, “We continue to request privacy in this matter. Please allow for our family to deal with this matter and give Bobbi Kristina the love and support she needs at this time.”

In other Bobbi Kris news, Radar Online published what they claim are some of Bobbi Kristina’s final texts. The texts were allegedly sent to a family friend a few days ago, revealing a deep loss over her mother’s death.

“…pain like your heart has been ripped out of your chest.”

“I was ALLLLL my mother lived for. Despite the fame, the fortune, the power — any and everything, my mother has done FOR ME lady.”

“She was and is my everything ma’am. And if you don’t think I don’t know [what] an ounce of HURT anguish and pain is, you are preaching to the wrong women [sic], because I’ve lves [sic] in the public eye since I was born.”


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