According to Huffington Post, the timing is perfect for the release and Bobby has dollar signs in his eyes. But this isn’t the first time he’s planned the release of a tell-all book — in 2008 he had a book ready about his life with ex-wife Whitney that was never published.

Brown and Houston’s tumultuous marriage began in 1992, around the time her film career took off with “The Bodyguard.” Brown’s musical headlines were soon eclipsed by his ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol, and Houston had her own substance struggles. The two divorced in 2007.

The only problem may be the confidentiality agreement Bobby signed following his divorce with the singer, but sources tell Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter that he’s determined to get it out in return for a hefty paycheck.a friend of Whitney’s said. “This is a man who left his ex-wife’s funeral because he didn’t like his seats and went to a paying gig that night,”

“He didn’t get on stage that night because he needed to sing his greatest hits or because Whitney would have wanted him to entertain his fans, he did it to get a paycheck — the same reason he now wants to write a tell-all book.”

Huffington Post commentor Frances Krafthefer writes: “Obviously, if he is thinking of publishing a tell-all book, it could never be accurate. Whitney is gone and we would hear only one side of the story. However, that will not stop book publishers, lawyers and other folks from doing anything they can to get this published.” And DJScratch tweets, “If Bobby Brown releases that tell-all book on Whitney, then he’ll prove to her family that they were right about him.”


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  1. Oh Please, Bobby was married to her. If he wants to write a book he can. Her mother and BeBe is writing a book, why can't Bobby? You say she is not here to give her side of the story well how many books are out there with the author stating their side of the story. Look it is sad she is gone and folks people will have their say. So when Whitney spoke about Bobby was that all true? You don't know but he does!

  2. Oh Boy.

    This should be good id Bobby is honest with the material, leaves much of the smut out and gives more of a perspective about what might have been going on inside of the mind of Whitney.

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