Bobby Brown is not allowed to see his daughter Bobbi Kristina, and not welcomed at the funeral? According to TMZ, Bobby Brown has not been able to see his daughter, Bobbi Kristina since flying into California after Whitney Houston’s death. Bobby was touring with New Edition when the news hit that singer was found dead inside a Beverly Hills hotel.

Bobbi K. is reportedly being looked after by friends and family in Los Angeles, and despite many phone calls and attempts at reaching out, Bobby’s visits have been denied.

Whitney’s family needs to set aside their negative feelings for Bobby Brown and welcome him along with Bobbi Kristina ather mother’s funeral. Bobbi Kristina needs all the love and support that she can get right now. And she needs her dad.

Whitney’s relatives need not to turn her funeral into a time to settle family vendettas will only gravely hurt fragile and grieving Bobbi Kristina.

They need to stop focusing on how much you can’t stand Bobby Brown and start focusing only on what’s important —and that’s  helping Bobbi Kristina!

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  1. Are you serious?? You can’t be…
    Were you there through the physical and emotional abuse.. Do you know something else that the public doesn’t? They have a right as a family to decide whatever they want… You don’t know what kind of relationship he and Bobbi Kristina had.. Just because he provided a sperm doesn’t make him a father! Bobbi Christina was exceptionally close to her Mom.. Nowhere have I read that she was close to her Dad! Do you think Whitney’s family made a decision about his non appearance, without Bobbi Kristina’s input! Remember she is 19 years old, and her surviving air.. legally the only person who can make decision regarding her mother. The decisions lies with Bobby Kristina. She is the only one to say who attends and who don’t. She is the next of kin. Did you forget that??? Perhaps just maybe.. This was her choice, and the family agreed!

  2. This is not the time to be petty or vindictive. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to pay his last respects to his wife of 15 years and the father of their only child? He could not have done anything more wrong to her than some of the hateful, evil things that fans and those who were her peers have said about her in recent years. Those that turned away or misled her just to patronize her for what they thought she could give them. Give that man a chance to say what he needs to say, ask forgiveness for any wrongdoing or infidelities, or just say goodbye to someone I know he loved. Everything in life does not go as planned. Unions are divded, feelings get hurt, blame gets thrown around and misplaced. I’m sure somewhere, someone should have some tact and decorum about this. I’m so glad I worship a merciful and forgiving God. I can’t imagine being turned away from Heaven’s doors because of something someone thought I did or said. If I am turned away, it will be by my own actions and transgressions. Everyone involved in this drama needs to go back… back to where Whitney started and will this week end her journey…to church and the gospel. Please say this ain’t so.

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