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Bobby and Alicia Brown were photographed at Emory Hospital where we saw her baby bump for the first time. Get the pics and new details about the investigation into the events leading to Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization.

While both the Brown and Houston families are keeping vigil at the bedside of Bobbi Kristina (who’s been relocated to Emory Hospital), and reportedly NOT getting along in the least bit, there has been some good news to emerge from Atlanta.

Bobby Brown and his wife Alicia are expecting their second child, as Bobby revealed on his Lifetime interview special recently. Bobby and Alicia (see Alicia’s baby bump HERE) are already the parents of Cassius Brown and Bobby has 4 children from previous relationships. During their visit to Emory, we spotted Alicia’s bump for the first time. Must be a tough time for the family as they prepare to welcome a new life while keeping faith that Bobbi Kristina makes a recovery.

Also, there is an ongoing investigation into the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina. Thankfully, the parties involved are cooperating. Recently, Max Lomas, the friend who “discovered” Bobbi Kris (alongside Nick Gordon) in the bathtub, is now speaking out through his lawyer. Now that news about Max’s previous run-ins with the law and alleged drug ties have been revealed, he and his legal counsel are cooperating with the police.

“It is our understanding that Mr. Lomas has cooperated with the authorities investigating what happened involving his dear friend. Mr. Lomas is deeply concerned for Ms. Brown and remains hopeful for her full, complete and swift recovery.”

Mr. Lomas’ widely reported recent arrest is completely unrelated to the incident that occurred at Ms. Brown’s residence and there is absolutely no relationship between the two events. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.”

Meanwhile, a source told PEOPLE that the Houston and Brown families remain a constant presence at Bobbi Kris’ bedside, often singing hymns. “We’ll sing ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ ‘Amazing Grace,’ but also some of Whitney’s songs. We’ve been singing ‘Greatest Love of All.’ Bobby has sung that to her too.”

Although Bobbi Kris remains unresponsive and can breathe only with the aid of a ventilator, the families are praying for a miracle.

Photo via Bobby Brown’s Facebook

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