Check out the exclusive interview that Baller Alert landed with “BMF Wife” Lisa Buford. FIRST EVER interview about the show below.

BA: What was the motivation behind starting the ‘BMF Wives’ show?

Lisa: The motivation was to show the misconception of what type of women we are and a lot of the misconceptions of what we’ve gone through in our lives. It’s not just based around being BMF Wives. None of us just started as ‘BMF Wives’. We all have been exposed to a lot of things in our lives that a lot of young women have. So, it’s kind of to reach back and help some of these young girls not get caught up in that lifestyle.

BA:  Who are all of the cast members and what are your relation to each other?

LisaTonesa (Toni) Welch (far right) is Southwest T’s girlfriend of 16 years, might as well say wife. She’s one of my best friends. Tiffany Davis (2nd to right) is J Rock’s wife and I’ve known her since she was 16. I used to do Tiffany’s hair. My daughter is actually named after her. Grace (Gricelda) Chavez (far left) was dating Damon Thomas at the time. I just recently met her within the last 8 months so I don’t really know her like that. I don’t really even remember her from that time. I didn’t really see her around.

BA: Who’s idea was it to start the show? How did it come about?

Lisa: It was Toni and I. We talked about it. She came out and she wanted to get her story out some kind of way and since I’m in the industry, I’ve been in the Union for probably 15 years, I have a lot of contacts with different producers and directors. Me and her sat down with the ideas, I got her in contact with a few people and we just talked about putting it together. Her and I are the executive producers of the show.

BA: Is the show officially called “BMF Wives”?

Lisa: We don’t have a stamped official name yet but it is set to be called “Married To The

BA:  How do you feel about the negative attention the show has been getting?

Lisa: [Laughs] You know what? It is what it is. Everyone’s gonna have an opinion and it is what it is. It’s actually helped us because it’s put a spotlight on us, which is fine. In the end when the show airs and when they hear us speak and when we set up different venues for different things they’ll see very smart women. We’re all smart women. We’re all very different but we’re all smart. We’re not out here trying to actually trying to turn something that was so negative into something positive but everyone has a redemption value in their life. Everybody can make something better out of a horrible situation. For people to feel like they’d rather you be dead than to do something out of redemption is crazy! People have to really step back and realize that no one can judge someone else. I don’t care what you’ve done.
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