Pebbles is all over the radar lately. She has shade being thrown at every angle… Well, we peeped an interview on GRID 10 and we thought we’d share it.


GRID 10 Exclusive Interview and Pics! Pebbles’ Son Tian McKissack Discusses Mother Pebbles, His Son, and Pebbles 4th Child


Everybody has a voice, but in this world we live in the sad part is only a selective few are allowed for their voice to be heard over others.

R&B singer Pebbles whether right or wrong is currently provided a platform to tell her story on numerous occasions on how “she was wronged” by TLC and the highly rated TLC biopic movie. Pebbles daughter Ashley who claims to have not watched the movie, but has provided numerous opinions on said movie has also been provided a platform to “tell her side of the story” in defense of her mother.

As we watch the interviews, and the daily beef with Pebbles and Ashley Reid vs. TLC and everyone else, day in and day out, I often wonder why the two are upset over information they claim to be false. Interview after interview, day after day, and week and after week the saga has continued and for insiders we know this is year after year simply for the fact the allegations of Pebbles not doing right by TLC as in stealing their money legally through a bad contract among other allegations have been said for years behind closed doors and in public. With that said just like Ashley Reid, we weren’t there either when these circumstances/actions allegedly took place; all we can do is hear both sides of a story and make an informed opinion on who we choose to believe.

While we know a lot about TLC and probably more about Pebbles and her daughter Ashley than we care to know, throughout the years and more so recently in “candid” interviews on the Wendy Williams show and others, the one thing Pebbles has failed to mention, or refused to mention is that she is in fact the mother of four kids and not two as she has led the public to believe for many years.

This came as dumbfounding surprise to many, while Ashley Reid is acknowledged by her mother as she stands firm in her defense, and we have seen Pebbles behave motherly to her son she shares with L.A. Reid, Aaron Reid, throughout it all Pebbles has failed to mention her third child Tian McKissack.

The GRID 10: Pebbles is your mother? But did she raise you?

Tian McKissack.: That is true and can be proven. No she didn’t raise me, her mother (nana) did. Also my dad, but he passed last year. (Nana/Pebbles’ mother)

The GRID 10: We are sorry to hear about your father passing…….what is your father’s name, and did your Nana always let you know that Pebbles was your mother or did you find out later?

Tian McKissack: Fransico Vasquez (father’s name). She (nana) told me my mother’s name was Perri McKissack. I didn’t find out she was a singer or she had “fame” until my dad brought it up maybe about 04. It wasn’t a big deal, but it did explain a lot.

The GRID 10: Was your mother (Pebbles) any part of your life growing up? And, when was the last time you saw her?

Tian McKissack: She came to my birthday party around age 10 if that counts. I saw her about 2 and half weeks ago, it was accidental. We didn’t know we were going to be in the same place.

The GRID 10: Has Pebbles ever explained her reasoning, or have you ever asked her why she doesn’t publically acknowledge you or why she didn’t raise you? Because it is a surprise to many that she has other children besides Ashley and Aaron.

Tian McKissack: She claims, I was her favorite and she did only what was best. She supposedly didn’t want me to get caught up in her drama or have the “big head.” She thought that maybe if she sent me to my grandma, I would have a nice quiet place to live in and I wouldn’t be in the middle of her mess.

“I protected you” is her exact words….

The GRID 10: There is a twitter account, with someone claiming to be you and taking up for Pebbles and your sister Ashley, are you aware of this?

Tian McKissack: Mr. Kyle told me this morning a guy named Jasper is pretending to be me. I do not have a Twitter.

The GRID 10: What are your thoughts on Ashley and her responses defending your mother and her take on the TLC movie?

Tian McKissack: All I can say is Ashley is Ashley. She says what she feels. I love them regardless.

The GRID 10: Understandable at the end of the day they are your siblings. Do you have any relationship with your sister Ashley Reid (Smith), or Aaron Reid?

Tian McKissack: I have a great relationship with Ashley. Aaron has a dislike for me. Why? I have no idea at all.

The GRID 10: Has Aaron always been that way towards you, or is it just recently? And, when did you first find out that you had a brother and a sister?

Tian McKissack: He’s (Aaron Reid) never liked me. Well it was around July and I was maybe 15, me and my grandmother went to visit them in Atlanta. That’s when everything was brought up. Perri (Pebbles) even introduced me as a cousin to maintain this image of herself. But my grandmother set her straight and told her lying gets her nowhere, and she needed to tell the truth about me.

The GRID 10: Well we def agree with your grandmother on that one. How did you feel when she introduced you as her cousin and not her son?

Tian McKissack: It actually didn’t strike me very hard. At the time I was prepared for anything when it came to her.

The GRID 10: Did your mother ever financially support you?

Tian McKissack: Definitely not financial support at all. We lived middle class, which was fine.

The GRID 10: What is life like for you now?

Tian McKissack: Life is great. I have a wife and son. I’m a tattoo artist and she models so you know everything is great here!

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