According to a police report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Brenda Stokes Wilson was charged with the murder of 10-year-old Jade Morris after DNA from bloody clothing in her apartment was matched to the missing girl.


Jade Morris was last seen with Brenda Stokes Wilson after the woman picked her up to take her Christmas shopping on Dec. 21.

Stokes Wilson was arrested the night of Dec. 21 after slashing a co-worker’s face with razor blades.

On Dec. 23, Stokes Wilson told Missing Persons Section detectives that she did not know Jade or her mother and refused to answer any other questions.

On that day, police also discovered that the car Stokes Wilson was driving the morning she picked up Morris was borrowed from that friend. That person told police what Stokes Wilson had been wearing the day that she borrowed the car.

The following day, police served a search warrant on Stokes Wilson’s apartment. Inside, they found the previously described clothes, which appeared to have blood on them.

They also impounded the borrowed car and later discovered blood evidence on its interior.

The homicide section assumed responsibility of the investigation on Christmas day. DNA was obtained from both parents to assist in identification if needed.

Detectives also looked at Stokes Wilson’s cellphone activity and began searching in the area of the Las Vegas Beltway and Interstate 15 based on that information.

Shortly after noon on Dec. 27, a person walking their dog in the vicinity of Dorrell and Lucero Lake discovered a body. The North Las Vegas Police Department was contacted.

LVMPD’s Homicide section, along with Crime Scene Analysis and the Clark County coroner’s office, also responded.

A complete autopsy was performed on Dec. 28 and the victim was positively identified as Jade Morris. Her cause of death was determined as multiple stab wounds.

Forensic analysis of the garments collected from Stokes Wilson’s apartment also came back as a match to the victim’s DNA on that day.

On Dec. 28, Brenda Stokes Wilson was re-booked in custody for the murder and kidnapping of Jade Morris.




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