Blair Underwood covers the April 2012 issue of Upscale Magazine!  Here’s what the 47-yr-old handsome actor who stars in the upcoming T.D. Jakes Production, ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day’ had to share with the publication.

On his upcoming role: “I’m not one, as an audience member, to enjoy or even appreciate being preached to…I go to church for that. But if you can tell a story and people can take that journey with you…and then once they leave, kind of think in retrospect, ‘Oh you know, there was a message, there was a moral to that story,’ that definitely was an asset to me.”

On playing different roles: “What I love more than anything is being able to play a range. Whatever people see you as switch it up. I’m more grateful for longevity that almost anything else in my professional life…. Nothing’s guaranteed in this business. You see a lot of people come and go, fall by the wayside.”

On his wife of 18-yrs, Desiree DaCosta: ”She’s just smarter than I am. She has great insights. She has her perspective, she has her female perspective [and] she has her maternal perspective. I’m always interested in what she says and I respect her opinion…. We just click and fit. We understand each other and support each other and try to respect each other. Failure is not an option.”



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