11695864_10150548257329957_2002848297023315861_nDenzel Washington and Don Cheadle better watch out, the young successful actor of your favorite new tv comedies Blackish, Survivor’s Remorse and the new movie Dope is making some serious moves in the television industry. With, Allen Maldonado adding several movie projects to his repertoire, he’s definitely someone producers should look out for. Check out the interview.

What new projects are you working on now?

I call it the summer of Maldonado right now. You got the movie Dope that just hit theaters right now, make sure you go buy like seven tickets for that. I’m on the show Survivor’s Remorse, Lebron James executive produced project on Starz. I’m on a show called You’re the Worse on FXX as well. Then, I got a film on BET called The Start Up, coming out in September.

What actors do you try to mimic?

Man, the greats! Denzel Washington and Will Smith, these individuals have kinda paved the way and I’m just standing on their shoulders trying to see further. That’s it.

Make sure you tune in to the new season of Survivor’s Remorse coming August 22.

~ Dana Williams

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