I know Kim Kardashian is somewhere PISST or maybe she doesn’t give a *bleep* Anywhoo… Now that Chyna’s baby daddy Tyga is rumored to be dating Kim Kardashian’s 17-year old sister Kyle Jenner, she no longer associates herself with the family. Chyna may blame her former bestie Kim for ruining her relationship, and now she’s ready to stick it to the reality star the best way she knows how.

Chyna’s new BFF is Amber Rose. Yes, Kim’s arch rival and Chyna were spotted shopping for luxury cars on Wednesday. Later, they went bowling at Pinz’ Bowling Lane singles night.

amber and blac chyna

Chyna and Rose made sure they took a photo to rub it in Kim’s face even more. Chyna posted the photo below with the caption: “Date Nigh with bae #taken!” Rose posted the same photo with the caption: “Taking my bae on a date tonight #eatyourheartout.”

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