Birdman Bets $2 Million on Miami Heat. The rap heavyweight hopes to cash in on Miami victory in NBA finals.

“YMCMBu$iness I Bet. 2million on tha MiaMi Heat,” Birdman tweeted, referencing his Young Money/Cash Money crew. Obviously confident in his odds—and the skills of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade—the Big Tymer says he’s going to use his winnings to get his roll on.

“Goin bye me another muthafkin WHip.we tha BusiNESS.I’m on 1.mula krazy,” he tweeted.

Birdman, you might just lose your money this time, I don’t have $2 Million, but I’m going for Dallas S/O to my friends cousin “Shawn Marion” Good Luck!!

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