Who is partially to blame for America’s out of wedlock birthrate? Beyonce.

So suggest Bill O’Reilly and Mike Huckabee, who used Monday night’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor to point a finger at the pop superstar, her “unsuitable” music, and her “sexually explicit” videos.

Huckabee — no stranger to criticizing Beyonce — accused the “liberal media” of creating a false narrative of the superstar as “an empowered woman,” when in reality, he said, “it’s not empowering when you become an object, a sex object.”

The two also questioned the Obama family’s parenting skills, given that they let their daughters listen to Beyonce’s music.

“It’s a complicated age in which we live now,” O’Reilly lamented. “Kids, with this internet stuff, they know everything.”

Watch the two try to wrap their minds around Beyonce, above.

H/T Mediaite

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