I know this must all be a nightmare for Bill Cosby. If the allegations are true I would be so disappointed in Mr. Theodore Huxtable… The embattled star performed a parody about being ‘an evil man‘ on Thursday night during his first public appearance since multiple fresh rape allegations were leveled against him.

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Opening a comedy show for a charity organization in the Bahamas, the 77-year-old – who is yet to officially comment on the latest women who have come forward claiming Cosby drugged and raped them – put his head in his hands and pretended to sob, new video obtained by The MailOnline has revealed.

He joked that parents would not let their children near him, as fans in the audience laughed and applauded the skit.

‘Parents are coming and taking their children home, saying to me ”Bill Cosby you are an evil man!”,’ the entertainer said through faux tears on stage.

But the entertainer then shook it off, smiled, and started what became a well-scripted 90 minute performance.

A total of nine women have now come forward this month claiming the famed entertainer abused them.

Dressed casually in loose sweatpants, a grey sweat shirt bearing the words ‘Hello Friend’ and brown sandals with socks, he paraded around the stage acting out anecdotes from his childhood.

bill cosby rape

He recounted arguments with his younger brother Russell, being reprimanded by his mother and being punished by his father.

He talked of his hard younger life ‘living in the projects’ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And he described how his mother beat him ‘within an inch of his life’ with a belt and threatened to have him ‘given to another family’.

He continued to describe his time in the US Navy when he and his contemporaries would ‘spend the afternoon lying’.
Peep the footage:

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  1. Bill was a player no doubt in my mind…I think he has too much power and money to rape someone. He could pay for that kind of sex play…

  2. Man this whole Bill Cosby thing is a scam to rape that mans pockets. Woman will do and say anything to get some money these days and I believe he’s innocent

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