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Big Sean has been all over the place promoting his brand new album Dark Sky Paradise. And he has some words for the folks who think his relationship with Ariana Grande is a publicity stunt. He also reveals he totally believes in therapy.

Deets on his GQ and Fader stories and pics inside, plus his ex Naya Rivera had a major announcement yesterday…conveniently on Sean’s album release day.

Big Sean just dropped the darkest project of his career. But despite that fact, the Detroit rapper is beaming about his girlfriend, pop starlet Ariana Grande.

Here’s a few highlights from his recent GQ interview where he had words for those hating on his relationship, why he’s not being ashamed of therapy, and a few words about Drake:

You and Ariana Grande have a new song together on this album called “Research” about a paranoid woman. What was the process of working together for that like? It was very easy. I like this collab because even though it’s not about our situation directly, she stepped in. She put our situation aside and just really stuck to the concept of the song and was down with it. It’s a real concept—it just doesn’t apply to us. So I appreciate her being an artist about it.

Ariana has a very clean image and a lot of young fans. Do you keep her image and her fans in mind now when you set about your work? Not really. She came into my world, more so. I respect her fans, and I think they respect her, too. She’s an artist, and she tries new things. I appreciate her coming into my world.

Do you get a ton of her fans on your timeline? Yeah, of course. Everything’s great, though, so they should be happy.

What would you tell people who say that your relationship is a publicity stunt? What would I say? I’d say, you sound dumb as fuck, clearly. I don’t see how they could say that, because me and her were friends for years before this. It doesn’t really get more authentic than that. We met at Wango Tango a long time ago. We met there, stayed in contact, hung out and stuff.

On the album outro you say, “The bigger I get, the more I need shrinks.” Do you believe in therapy? I’ve been to therapy before, but I don’t really go. Times get crazy. What I do is I meditate for about 15 minutes every day. Because life just gets so crazy sometimes. I just get quiet with myself and concentrate on my breathing. Just distance myself from everything, and put myself above all the stuff that’s going on. It’s one of the best parts of my day—it changes my whole vibe.

Have you listened to the new Drake album?
Yeah, I was in the studio with him and he played most of it for me. I like it a lot. I was actually supposed to be on “Used To” but I guess I recorded it too late so it didn’t make it on the album.

Sean also chatted up Fader magazine about the darkness of the album and why he considers himself a “relationship person”:

On his new album “Dark Sky Paradise”:

It means a lot. First of all it is darker than any album I’ve ever done. And I went through some dark times just like we all do, with relationships, personal relationships, romantic relationships, creatively. I feel like I had to dig myself out of a hole creatively and bounce back hard. But throughout all of it, despite all the dark and crazy times I’ve been through, I still feel this is paradise.

On relationships:
I’m more of a relationship type of guy. I’ve been single too, but even when I’m single, I don’t be out there like that. I’m not the type of guy to be all up in the clubs or shit. I’d rather be with someone and do something productive together. I’m getting older, so we gotta, like, learn something. We can’t let the Internet fry our brains. We’ve gotta read and learn.

On Ariana Grande:
The thing I find most attractive is a woman with her own drive and own goals. It’s never about egos. It’s just about what we share—that focus. When you have someone that understands what you’ve got going on, it’s awesome.

But that wasn’t the only news yesterday:

Big Sean’s ex Naya Rivera–who he allegedly wrote his harsh “Research” song about on the new album–announced that she and her husband Ryan are expecting. Yep, she conveniently made the announcement on Sean’s big release day.

Coincidence? Possibly. But we have our thoughts.

The “Glee” star posted on her website yesterday:

We’re having a baby! Ryan and I feel so blessed and can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family.

Welp, congrats!

Photos: GQ/Fader/Naya’s website

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