Rapper Big Sean rocking the fall fashion for GQ Magazine November issue.


Check out what Big Sean had to say:

I’m in @GQ mag this month modeling fall Fashion… Wearing clothes I wouldn’t usually wear but I guess sexy models have to do that sometimes more pics inside.”

. For Starters, Get Your Feet All Bloody

We’ll never knock a handsome pair of black or brown wingtips—they’re classic, not boring. But man, have you checked out oxblood shoes? They will freshen up your jeans. They will make the oldest suit feel new. They will never let your feet fall asleep.

2. Now Get a “Just Because” Bow Tie into Your Rotation
Try this: For every three times you wear a necktie, throw on a bow tie. When folks ask why the bow, say, “Just because!” (Style is about keeping ‘em guessing.)

3. Meet Your Blazer’s Competition: The New CPO Shirt
These military-bred down shells are gunning for your sports jackets. They strike a balance between the haberdashery and the street, with pockets to stash all your, um, stuff.







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