I really don’t think ya’ll understand how excited I was when I heard about this mixtape!  With its addictive use of a multitude of sounds (drums, piano, acoustics), Big Sean has truly done a phenom job of placing Detroit rap and roots into the public eye, and in a positive and different way than rappers like Enimem or even Royce Da 5’9 (who is on the track entitled “100”).   This mixtape is a crazy mix of Detroit hustler swag, down south sounds, and smooth beats.   The album starts off great with its first track “Higher” in which Big Sean says “my, my, my as the world turns…today if I don’t earn, best believe I’m gonna learn.”  The beat immediately makes you bob your head, laugh, smile, and just close your eyes and listen.   Ladies, fellas, when you wanna work out and run that extra mile, and just go HARD in the gym – I suggest the track “Mula” featuring French Montana.  This song will probably remind you of a down south mix from an artist such as 2 Chainz – it’s definitely a song to keep pushing the repeat button on.  I would also recommend the song entitled “Sellin Dreams” featuring Chris Brown – it starts with the deep and penetrating sounds of violins and it is very well done.  He speaks real in this song, especially when he says “sometimes last words can have the worst ending.”

I also think fans, especially Detroit fans, will enjoy the “Story” interludes by Common and Jeezy because they are not regular interludes that we may be used to from hearing on mixtapes by mixtape veterans such as Lil Wayne.  With Big Sean’s Stories, you just sit and listen to the rapper speak, and take in his voice with your mind and soul; you listen to Common with his smooth words, and Jeezy talk about going to the Zoo Bar 300 people deep and just lovin’ the Detroit hustlin’ spirit.  This mixtape is unlike any other mixtapes I have heard in a long time, and trust me, I know my mixtapes 😉

For some folks, this mixtape may very well be just another ordinary mixtape.   However, for those of us who appreciate the grind, appreciate music, and really are in support of our hometowns…I think these later people are the ones who will enjoy “Detroit” the most.  AND, if you’re looking to listen to this mixtape, I would suggest dopehood.com or datpiff.com.  That is all.

In Big Sean’s words – “Can’t we keep on livin?”

Take care everyone,


“I will never say that I know it all…but I will say it so good, that you’ll believe it anyway.”


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