Pop Diva Beyonce is getting animated in the upcoming 3D feature “Epic.

Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation are set to release a new 3D computer-generated called “Epic.”

The flick is described as a modern version of Thumbelina where a young girl finds herself in a magical and secet universe that operates in plain sight of human beings.

Pop star Beyonce voices the character “Queen Tara” (shown above) who is a mother nature type figure. Chris Wedge, who’s directing the film, says of Bey‘s character “She is the one sworn to protect the forest and is the source of its magic.”

The film centers on Mary Katherine who begins her journey by questioning her dad, Prof. Bomba, about whether a hidden world of leaf-armored warriors really exists in the woods.  After finding herself transported to the forest, she must then save the world from the ever present evil by creating the most unlikely team the magical forest can offer.