Beyonce’s star is shining bright and she’s on FIRE right now… After a successful documentary premiere on HBO and a sit-down with the queen of all talk Ms. Oprah, Beyonce’s name is ringing! Beyonce got very personal in her documentary and showed quite a few things about her personal space many have never seen. But, her interview with O to me, was really SAFE it seemed as if Oprah didn’t push the envelope with Beyonce as she has in the past with Usher, Jennifer Hudson and Katherine Jackson. It seems like there were SAFE boundaries set beforehand!

Beyonce seemed like she was trying to find the right things to say in the interview which wasn’t ‘that‘ genuine to me. I’m a Beyonce fan to the core but, damn Bey… you said you were allowing yourself to be open…. One thing I admire is her work ethic and how she stands for ‘woman.’ But, that’s just MY opinion…. Gumbumpers, how do you feel?

Beyonce shared a pic of her new foot tattoo and a comparison pic of her and Blue Ivy and Solange and her son, Juelz.

Check it out….

Beyonce blue Ivy

Beyonce Foot Tattoo

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