Beyonce got rave reviews on her ‘Life is but a dreamdocumentary and HBO got some high ratings. Ratings they haven’t seen in a while. Having Beyonce premiere her doc on their station drew in 1.8 million viewers.

Thus, making it the largest audience for a HBO documentary since ratings have changed in 2004.

Beyonce pepsi

Bey is getting PAID!!

We all heard about the deal with Pepsi so, we know she’s about to rake in the dollaz for them too…. Pepsi unveiled another promo image of Beyoncé for their $50 million campaign. Pepsi is sponsoring Beyonce’s fifth album, and ‘The Mrs Carter Show’ world tour, upcoming music videos, and er’thing in between. We’re also hearing that next month, they will also be distributing special edition cans and bottles with her image on them. #BOOM

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