Beyonce finally arrived in Argentina to continue her globally successful ‘I Am’ tour. The Grammy Queen was spotted relaxing poolside at Hotel Faena, and was surrounded by tour mates. The singer’s no-nonsense attitude having security guard Julius was around as always. You know the one who secretly desires to be in Jay-Z’s shoes?

If he is waiting on her to divorce her husband and attain a happy ending like ‘The Bodyguard’, he’ll be waiting a very long time. I’m all for security doing their jobs well, but I just hate his overly extraness where I feel he goes too far at stages deemed inappropriate. But hey, if he’s been willing to take on criminal charges for his precious Beyonce, then by all means, keep it up!

In related news, Beyonce has been rewarded by the RIAA for being the decade’s highest Gold and Platinum awards achiever. She has the most total certifications (including cumulative album, digital song, master ringtone, and music video certifications). This takes Beyonce’s record-breaking achievements to a grand total of 64, even beating The Eagles who have 48 awards, and Michael Jackson who had 44. The domination continues…

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