Beyonce and Kanye West recorded a remix to “Drunk In Love.” Now she’s setting the stage for her visuals. She posted pics from the set and we’ve got a clip for you to see.

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Beyonce showed more than just her scantily-clad voluptuous figure this time.

The 32-year-old singer displayed her talent for twirling a lasso above her head in a sneak peek for her new Drunk In Love video.

The black-and-white teaser begins nicely enough with Beyonce walking slowly across a dusty paddock, holding a coil of rope behind her back and wearing a Stetson.

Beyonce, Kanye West, Drunk In Love Remix

beyonce drunk in love

drun k in love remix

The music picks up with a scene of horses running, and Kanye’s expletive-laced rap begins in voiceover.

You will never need another lover ‘cuz you a MILF and I’m a mother f**ker,’ Kanye says.

Peep the clip: