Bethenny Frankel has always loved the limelight but her divorce from Jason Hoppy is the one thing she shouldn’t try and self-promote with.


As many are aware the socialite/business woman turned reality star is going through a very acrimonious divorce. The two are fighting over everything, money, houses, and custody. What makes the situation near breaking point is that both she and her ex are still sharing the apartment.

Neither wants to give it up said apartment, so now they’re stuck with each other which can be especially difficult.  Can you imagine when they both return home after getting nowhere with a settlement. Bethenny recently sat down for an interview with Life & Style and during the discussion things naturally turned towards her divorce.

“For every rough thing there’s a reason for it, and there’s a reason you had those struggles,” she tells Life & Style. “When you’re going through a rough time, you have to say, I know I’m going through these hard things and even though it’s difficult to see it clearly…the light is coming at the end of it.” 

That’s crazy!


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