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Besties Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are “breaking the internet” with their new sexy shots they each posted to their Instagram accounts yesterday. Come inside to see their topless flicks and get the deets on Tyga’s “current” chick Kylie Jenner throwing shade at his baby mama Blac Chyna…..

One sure way to grab attention in the social media world is to throw up some extra sexy shots. And that’s exactly what Blac Chyna was up to yesterday.

Chick hopped on her Instagram to share a few risqué pics of herself posing it up in a living room, rocking a pair of fire red sequin shorts, red pumps….and nothing else! For what reason? Who knows. Is there ever one?

Peep the rest of her shots below:

These racy shots come on the heels of some apparent shade thrown by her ex-fiance Tyga’s new chick, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. We’ll explain….

A few days ago, Chyna posted a pic on Instagram flossing her Audemars Piguet watch (given to her by Tyga):

She didn’t say much, just used a smiley face emoji in the caption. It appears Tyga gifted her the watch as he posted up their matching watches back in 2013 (during happier times together):

Well it appears Tyga may have gifted his current boo Kylie (whom he denies dating in interviews, but is constantly gushing about her on social media) with the exact same watch. And she wants everyone to know it. Soon after Chyna posted the pic of her watch, the Jenner chick posted up a flick rocking a watch identical to Chyna’s:

And she captioned it, “Currently.” Bloop! She has since deleted the post. It’s interesting to note, Kylie also posted a pic of her watch in December and that pic is still on her IG account, so her last watch pic definitely seems like a shot at Chyna. Mmmhmm….

In other racy shots on Instagram….

Amber Rose is back to posting up her half naked bod for the ‘gram. Baby Bash’s mom is currently living it up in Maui. And while hanging out on the beach, chick posted up a shot of her laid out on the sand….topless! She captioned, “If only this beach was actually Topless #Maui”

We believe she’s on location shooting pics for her upcoming book “How To Be A Bad B*tch.”

Of course, she posted up an a** shot as well, which she captioned “Groceries” (referring to Jhene Aiko’s line on the song “Post 2 Be”):

Wiz Khalifa’s soon-to-be ex-wife doesn’t care what any of you have to say about her posting up sexy shots and showing off her bod for the masses. A few days ago she took to Instagram to declare her self-acceptance:

If ur not at this point yet maybe you haven’t lived as much life as I have at such a young age and that’s ok. It definitely took years of trials and tribulations, Love and heartbreak, abuse and slander for me to get here and now the world has created a beautiful feminist monster In me and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so get with it or get lost.

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Mar 24, 2015 at 11:03am PDT

She also came to her friend Blac Chyna’s defense after she was called out by another media outlet for wearing a super revealing dress while partying in L.A. recently.

Amber said, “Chyna, a mom can wear whatever the f*ck she wants. We are moms 24/7/365 even if we’re at the club having a good time or when we wanna dress sexy ( She’s not even topless) Lol and Guess what we are still moms for the rest of our lives and we love our children more than anything in this world but moms are also sexual beings too duh how do u think u got here? I’ll wait. Anyway shout out to my sis @blacchyna for being a MILF, Living Life to the fullest, being a young entrepreneur and not conforming to Societies Double Standards #AmberRosesSlutWalk P.S if u really want to try to insult someone please be able to spell “The” as seen in the pic. Thx – Muva”

Well alright.

Photos: Chyna’s IG/Amber’s IG/Tyga’s IG

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