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The release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were possibly the most comforting release ever. Sure, the iPhone X’s changes are insanely cool — but a huge part of Team Apple was intimidated by the thought of making the leap to such a fancy spaceship phone. (An iPhone without a home button? What is this blasphemy?)

For those still stuck with an iPhone 6 or 7 but who aren’t ready to convert to the X, the iPhone 8 is the perfect middle ground. The 8 features a gorgeous glass back (compared to the previous aluminum of the 7), a better camera with faster shutter speeds, and our beloved portrait mode. You’re also getting updated speakers and wireless charging — all while still enjoying the beloved home button and touch ID. And everyone knows that having the bigger Plus immediately feels fancier.

However, the Plus is the largest, heaviest iPhone, making it the hardest to grab and easiest to drop. That huge, tablet-like screen is dope, but these bad boys require a case.

There are an overwhelming amount of iPhone 8 Plus cases to choose from. Like, so many that you’d almost rather risk it than sit down and search through pages of options. 

Good news: The work has been done for you. 

We probed Amazon and other online retailers to narrow down your options and pick out the very best iPhone 8 Plus cases, based on customer reviews. To make your life even easier, we’ve broken them down by style and price. We’ve got plain cases, we’ve got hardcore protection cases, and we’ve got the most sparkly cases you’ve ever seen. 

There’s something for everyone.

No frills cases for the iPhone 8 Plus

If you’re not in the mood for anything special and just want to get the whole ordeal over with, check out four well reviewed cases that will get the job done.

Starting off with a plain-y, but a goodie: The Matone Shock Absorbent Clear Case is a #1 best seller on Amazon, with 81% of the 4,000+ people who bought it giving it a 5-star rating. It’s your classic, clear case that shows off the entire back of your iPhone (if you’re into that naked look) and is super thin. Its flexible TPU plastic exterior and thick border all the way around make it impressively shock absorbent for a case that’s not intense or bulky.

Get yours for $7.99 here.

If you like that transparent look but want a pop of color, the Unicorn Beetle: Hybrid Protective Clear Case by SUPCASE is a good pick. Enjoy the naked-ness of the clear plastic back, surrounded by a bright rubber lining. The lining can also offer some extra protection against drops or shatters as well, since it’s made of a bouncy TPU and PC material.

Choose from five colors and get yours here, with prices starting at $12.59.

More color than just the border, you say? This bright monochrome case by TORRAS offers full-coverage color and an otherwise basic design. This Amazon’s Choice product is the definition of minimalistic, with no raised features or bulky corners — just silky smooth, grippy plastic all the way around. And, though extremely light and thin, reviewers claim that the case is actually pretty durable when it comes to drops and bumps.

Choose from eight colors here, with prices starting at $9.99.

A no-frills case with a kick: The Wavelength Series by Caseology is hella fancy-looking, yet subtle enough to match everything and still look professional. The dual layer rubbery plastic exterior offers a good amount of impact absorbency, with the 3D design creating an extra grip-able experience that’s perfect for those with butter fingers. And shoutout to the metallic perimeter for taking this case from basic to stylish AF.

Choose from six colors and get yours for $13.99 each here.

Heavy duty cases for the iPhone 8 Plus

Hectic work environment? Outdoor enthusiast? Just kinda clumsy? These fully armored cases are the insurance your iPhone is begging for, giving you OtterBox grade protection without the OtterBox price tag.

The perfect mix of tough and sleek? It’s Spigen Tough Armor Case, y’all. This well reviewed case is a seriously badass option, featuring a dual layer exterior coated in syntactic foam that basically acts as an airbag for your phone. It’s clearly protective, but somehow also kinda stylish. 

Choose from seven colors here, with prices starting at $14.99.

This model by SUPCASE is called the Unicorn Beetle Pro, and with a name like that, it better be hardcore. The hardshell exterior and flexible bumper corners make it ace for absorbing impact damage. The front cover features a built-in screen protector to guard against scratches and those heart-wrenching cracked screens. The case also comes with a clip-on mount for hands-free carrying.

Choose from five colors and get yours here, with prices starting at $17.69.

Meet the heavy duty case without the heavy duty look: The YOUMAKER Heavy Duty Shockproof Case is as stylish as it is protective, offering military-grade protection without looking like it’s ready for battle. The exterior sports a tough hybrid material and offers full shock absorbent coverage, but the company offers a lifetime warranty just in case. You probably won’t need that, though — the Amazon’s Choice product was rated five stars by 71% of customers, so we’d say it’s pretty reliable.

Choose from six metallic colors here, with prices starting at $15.99.

This phone case is hardcore. The Zizo Bolt Series Armor Clip Case is an Amazon’s Choice product and, according to the listing, its durable hardshell exterior can pass a 12-foot military grade drop test. This puppy is decked out with a kickstand, a tempered glass screen protector, and a clip-on holster for hands-free transportation. And if nothing else, it’s unique.

Chose from nine colors and get yours for $17.99 each here.

Sometimes, you just want a pattern, because protecting your baby iPhone doesn’t mean you can’t have style. The ULAK Heavy Duty Bumper Case received a 5-star rating from 77% of the people who bought it, and it’s seriously gorgeous. Aside from the looks, it sports shock absorbent TPU material on the back and a flexible bumper around the edges to guard damage from bumps or drops. It’s the protection of a case your dad would buy, with the aesthetic of the case that you would buy.

Choose from five patterns, including marbled and striped here, with prices starting at $9.99.

Wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus

Stop accidentally leaving your wallet at the bar and just get a wallet phone case already. Your phone is always in your hand, so if your wallet’s attached to it, there’s a way lower chance that you’ll forget it. (Plus, they look crazy professional.) 

Hey, people who lose everything: The TUCCH Leather Wallet Case might just be your new lifesaver. This leather wallet case offers three card slots, a larger money slot, and a magnetic flap to keep it shut — because stuff can fall out of those phone back pockets way too easily. And what’s the point of carrying a real wallet anyway if you can get this and protect your phone at the same time?

Choose from seven colors in classy leather and get yours for $18.99 each here.

It’s a phone case. It’s a wallet. It’s a compact. It’s all three, y’all. The Case-Mate Compact Mirror Case is the perfect 3-in-1 accessory for people always on the go — and for those who stop to check their hair in every window they pass. This cute AF leather case features a built-in compact mirror and a slot that holds up to four cards. And if something goes wrong, Case-Mate offers a lifetime warranty.

Choose from black, rose gold, or iridescent leather and get yours for $60 here.

The Arae Leather Wristlet Folio Case looks fancy and expensive, but is actually just 10 bucks. This wallet cases kicks the whole “not losing it” thing up a notch by adding a wrist strap — because how could you possibly lose it when it’s literally attached to you? Inside, the wristlet has four card slots (including a clear one for your ID) and a larger cash slot. Similar to iPad cases, the front cover also bends back into a kickstand to prop your phone up at an angle.

Choose from a wide assortment of 19 single colors and shades of marble in suede or leather here, with prices starting at $9.99.

Let’s take the wallet case game up a notch with the LAMEEKU Leather Zipper Case. For those people with way too many credit cards, this case has six slots, plus a big one for cash. That’s a lot of stuff that you’d probably rather not fall out — good thing the case is equipped with a full zipper closure instead of just one magnetic strap.

Choose from black, mint green, or metallic pink here, with prices starting at $18.99.

Super stylish iPhone 8 Plus cases

Last but not least, here are some genuinely stylish cases for those who understand that mirror selfies are a serious art form. Because sometimes, a phone case is more than just phone protection — it’s an extension your personal aesthetic.

These Karat Petals cases by Case-Mate are the prettiest thing you’ll see all day. Not only are they sparkly, but they’re also decorated with genuine pressed flowers including larkspur, hydrangea, yarrow, and buttercup — making every single case truly one-of-a-kind. The design comes in three different colors, so you’re bound to find a color scheme that matches your look to feel like a fairy princess 24/7.

Choose from pink, purple, or golden yellow flowers and get yours for $60 each here.

Case-Mate is making it rain glitter with these Glow Waterfall cases. We’ve seen cascading cases like this before, but these babies take it up a notch with glitter that glows in the dark, creating an out-of-this-world snow globe effect. Because what’s the point of having a super pretty glittery phone if no one can see it when the sun goes down?

Choose from pink or purple glitter and get yours for $40 each here.

If you haven’t noticed, marble is *the* look right now — for some reason, accessories resembling your kitchen countertop are in. But honestly, we are here for it. The BAISRKE Laser Style Soft Rubber Marble Case is seriously striking, and will make you look like royalty even when you crawl out of your bedroom after a three day Netflix binge. Rated 5 stars by 74% of people who bought one, these pretty babies are also relatively durable for a case that’s not the heavy duty kind.

Choose from an insane collection of 45 colors, marble patterns, and other designs here, with prices starting at $10.99. (Honestly, there are too many to pick just one — we’re ordering five.)

Florals for a phone case? Groundbreaking. The Hepix Floral Flexible TPU Case is perfect for those who want some cutesy graphics while still showing off their phone’s Apple logo. Though this case is adorable, it can handle being dropped — the border and corners are thick and protective, since the whole thing is made out of that flexible TPU plastic to absorb shock.

Choose from 23 styles of flowers or cacti here, with prices starting at $8.99.

Charging cases for iPhone 8 Plus

It’s no secret that iPhone batteries start to get a little *testy* after the first year of usage. And getting stuck out in the wild (concrete jungle included) without a charger is the definition of torture. Give yourself a backup plan with these cases that have built-in portable chargers.

First up is the Amazon’s Choice MAXBEAR Protective Portable Battery Case. This guy is impressively slim for a case with a battery in it, offering over double the battery life to your phone without doubling its size. (According to the listing, that’s an extra 60+ hours to your phone battery on one case charge.) Your phone’s charging port will be covered when the case is on, so wireless Bluetooth headphones are a must. 

Get yours for $26.80 here

Another option (with more colors) for a rechargeable case is the JUBOTY Slim Portable Charging Case. Four LED indicators tell you your case’s battery percentage, with a lightning port in the bottom to charge the case when necessary. Note: The case’s own lightning port covers up the iPhone’s charging port, so you’ll need Airpods or some other wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to music while using this case.

Choose from eight colors and get yours here, with prices starting at $22.98.

For those who bought the iPhone 8 Plus simply for that special wireless charging, the Alpatronix Wireless Battery Case also supports wireless Qi charging of the phone and the case at the same time — ooh, you fancy, huh? Nearly 70% of customers rated it 5 stars, with multiple people in the reviews claiming that the wireless charging does in fact work. Again, your phone’s charging port will be covered, so Bluetooth headphones are a must.

Choose from blue or black and get yours for $49.95 each here.


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