The title presumably aims to encourage those who voted for him to do more than vote, and to take action between elections, too.

Sanders explained the title, which will publish Aug. 29, to Teen Vogue: “This book will expose them to an unusual political campaign, the excitement of politics and what being a progressive is all about.”

The title follows Sanders’s 2016 book, Our Revolution, which outlined how his campaign blossomed from a “fringe” movement to a realization of a full-fledged political philosophy. The book also spends a fair amount of time on the pitfalls of what he calls “corporate media” and its failure to cover the 2016 presidential campaign season in “a serious way.”

Sanders is hardly the only past, present or future politician with plans to release a book. Clinton is working on one, as is her daughter Chelsea, whose picture book title She Persisted will be an homage to 13 American women who overcame personal and societal hurdles to achieve their dreams.


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