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Benzino and his pregnant “wife” Althea Heart are airing their dirty laundry on social media. And the mom-to-be is alluding to ‘Zino putting his hands on her. Come inside for the receipts….

Former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Althea Heart has four more months before she and her man Benzino welcome their little boy into the world. But, things aren’t peachy keen in the Scott household.

Althea has taken to social media to air out her frustrations with her “husband.” (FYI–We put husband and wife in quotations since we’re not exactly sure if they’re officially married or not). And it appears she’s alluding to ‘Zino getting physical with her while she’s carrying his child.

She tweeted (and deleted):

“Or hit her back…” Oh?

Zino caught wind of her tweet and responded via Twitter (which he has since deleted). Althea grabbed a screenshot of his response to post on Instagram to give her official response. She said she’s fed up with his games and she is now a single mother. She wrote (then deleted):

This mess only gets worse! Then stop acting and treating me fucked up in REAL life! As long as you can act like everything is all right for people you don’t even know! Fed up!! You don’t care what I say or feel til after the fact!! #controlfreak #bipolar #selfish #asshole #REALLife #singlemom I don’t do this mess for TV! Once loved right so why you posting pics yesterday like we all good? Stop. I wanna be happy but can’t with your back and forth ass!

It’s interesting to note, Zino posted a picture of Althea (similar to the one atop) as if everything is good in the hood. He captioned the pic, “I got pregnant woman in the game!!! #thiandzforlife”

The twosome are clearly on different pages because Thi Thi went on a mini rant about laying down and having a baby by a man she really didn’t know and that she’s scared to have to go through this pregnancy alone. She tweeted (read from the bottom up):

Yikes! We’re hoping these two can mend fences before the baby arrives….IF there is even a real issue. You know how folks get when they’re trying to get another spot on TV. #justsayin’

Photos: Benzino’s IG/Althea’s IG

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