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See….Rick Ross ain’t so bad. Before he went “Oops, Upside The Head” of his groundskeeper (with a pistol) he was in Atlanta down the Boys & Girls club givin’ back to da kids. He’s still wrong for what he did to that groundskeeper though.

Check out Rick Ross loving the kids inside…

Ricky loves the kids. BEFORE his arrest on Wednesday morning, Rick Ross spent time donating to kids in his community.

In terms of a timeline perspective – two weeks ago he allegedly beat the crap out of one of his employees, then headed to the the Harland Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta (days later) where he put on a good face and provided words on encouragement to the kids. Penance for the soul?

One of those pearls of wisdom may have included “Don’t F with Rick Ross…’Cause it’ll get your jaw wired shut.” SMILE for the camera!

The visit was this past Saturday. He hung out with about 40 children. His publicist says he talked about life, signed autographs and even treated everyone to Wingstop, the yummy company in which he’s a franchise owner.

Some folks may say taking fatty foods into an underprivileged Black community shouldn’t be considered “charitable.” But his heart seemed to be in the right place.

As it stands now, Rick is still under investigation while he has been denied bail, so the timing of these pics is questionable….yet clever. Someone’s publicist is earning those coins this morning. Yassss!

Photos via ExclusiveAccess.Net

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