A local group says it’s time for Chicago’s Pedway, a series of tunnels that connects more than 50 buildings and several CTA stations, to get a major upgrade.

A new report from the Environmental Law & Policy Center focused on the main stem of the system along Randolph Street to Millennium Station and the Thompson Center.

The group recommends better signs below and above ground, as well as new art, brighter walkways, more shops and an underground library, to make the Pedway more than just a quick way to move around downtown.

Commuters and workers who use the Pedway daily said the improvements would be a welcomed change. “I think it would do a lot,” Sylvia Martinez said. “Anything is very much needed, I would say.”

The Pedway is a convenient and quick underground shortcut, especially if you are trying to escape the rain or cold and snow, but some say it’s hard to find, hard to maneuver and needs a makeover.

“It’s definitely not the scenic route to take, but it’s a good route to take to get somewhere fast,” Denika Thigpen said.