Superstar producer #Detail, who is responsible for hits like #DrunkInLove and #HowToLove, was under fire this week after being publicly accused of sexual assault by recording artists Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley.

In court documents obtained by The @Blast, Buch claims that the producer forced her “to have vaginal/anal sex with him after recording songs on multiple occasions.” She even alleges that he beat her up at a hotel in Malibu and says that he grabbed her hair, bit her, choked her and hit her.

Ackley claims that Detail walked in on her while she was bathing and forced himself on her while another producer watched. Also, the woman alleges that he ordered her to take nude photos of herself while he masturbated and told her to record him having sex with Buch. Both of these women have reportedly been granted a restraining order, but now a few more prominent stars in the music industry are coming forward with their own #MeToo stories about Detail.

Singer #BebeRexha posted a screenshot of a post from another woman who accused him of attempted sexual assault and captioned it, “#METOO. No wonder why I connected with your song GateKeepers @jessiereyez. He tried the same thing with me. I was just 19. I ran out of the studio crying. Awful Human. AND KARMA is a b*tch.”

In her comments, fellow songstress #Tinashe claimed that Detail tried her too! “The only session I’ve been in to this day where I left due to being soooo uncomfortable. Glad he’s being exposed for the f*cking creep he is. Disgusting,” she commented.

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