Every athlete in 2017 gets asked at some point whether they would take LeBron James or Michael Jordan. But not every athlete making that choice has a pedigree that screams “PICK JORDAN, MAN.”

New Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has that pedigree.

You see, Trubisky is a North Carolina alum, having plied his tried at a college where the athletic department is essentially built on the back of Jordan and the GOATness he achieved in the NBA and with Nike/Jumpman. Trubisky is also the Bears quarterback, playing football in Chicago, a city where Jordan achieved said level of fame. 

Suffice to say it would behoove him to pound the table for Jordan if ever asked who is better.

He was asked. He did not. 

Oh no. That’s not good. 


In Trubisky’s defense, he was born in 1994. Jordan retired for the first time in 1993 and resumed his career in 1995 before finally walking away for the second time in 1998. Jordan famously came back in 2001 with the Washington Wizards and that was, ahem, not the same thing. 

Jordan had moments, but it would suck to have grown up watching Jordan play for the Wizards. On the other hand, at least Trubisky didn’t answer the question by saying, “You mean the guy who is always crying on the Internet?” 

Still, swallow your pride and knowledge in the city of Chicago as a UNC alum and claim Jordan over LeBron. It’s the smart political move.


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